Erfolgfreiches Training in München mit zufriedenen Kunden und Partnern

Successful training in Munich with satisfied customers and partners

Recently, another inspiring and educational training by Paris Hair took place in Munich, focusing on the correct wearing, application and care of human hair extensions. The event was a great success and offered the participants valuable insights and practical experience.

The workshop

The workshop began with a warm welcome and an introduction by the experienced trainers from Paris Hair. The participants, who had traveled from different parts of Germany, were excited to expand their knowledge and learn the latest techniques in dealing with real hair extensions.

Quote from a participant: "I was so excited to attend this workshop. The opportunity to learn from the best and improve my skills was just amazing."

Attaching real hair extensions

The first part of the workshop was devoted to applying the extensions. The trainers demonstrated various methods to ensure that the extensions are safely and seamlessly integrated into the natural hair. The participants had the opportunity to try it out themselves and practice under the guidance of the experts.

Quote from a trainer: "It is important that the extensions not only look good, but are also comfortable and do not damage the natural hair. We place great emphasis on techniques that preserve the health of the hair."

Proper wearing and styling

In the next section of the workshop, the participants learned how to wear and style their extensions correctly. They received tips and tricks to show off their new hair to its best advantage while ensuring the longevity of the extensions.

Quote from one participant: "I learned so many new styling techniques that I didn't know before. Now I can wear my extensions in a way that always looks natural and beautiful."

Care of real hair extensions

Another important part of the workshop was the care of the extensions. The trainers explained the best care products and methods to keep the extensions in the best condition. From the correct cleaning to the use of special care products - the participants received comprehensive information to optimally care for their extensions.

Quote from a participant: "Caring for my extensions was always a big question mark for me. Thanks to this workshop, I now know exactly what to do to keep them healthy and shiny."

Networking and exchange

In addition to the practical lessons, the workshop also offered a great opportunity for networking. The participants were able to exchange ideas, share experiences and make new contacts. The positive atmosphere and enthusiasm were clearly noticeable.

Quote from a trainer: "It is always inspiring to see how motivated and committed our participants are. The exchange between them is incredibly valuable."


The training in Munich was a great success and provided participants with not only valuable skills but also increased confidence in handling real hair extensions. Paris Hair continues to focus on high-quality training and support to ensure that every client gets the most out of their extensions.

Quote from a participant: "I am so glad I took part in this workshop. The experience and knowledge I gained here is priceless. Thank you, Paris Hair, for this wonderful opportunity!"

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