Profi-Tipps von Action-Darstellern für den Umgang mit Toupets

Pro tips from action actors for dealing with toupees

In the world of film, and especially in action scenes, it is crucial that toupees fit perfectly and look natural. Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks from experienced action actors that can help you get the most out of your toupee - even if you want to live an action-packed, sporty life with a toupee without any restrictions.

1. Secure fastening

Properly securing the toupee is essential, especially during intense movements. Professional makeup artists use special adhesives and techniques to ensure that the toupee stays secure even during hectic action scenes.

Tip: Use high-quality adhesives and fasteners specifically designed for toupees. Have the toupee fitted by a professional to ensure the best hold.

2. Regular adjustments

During the long days of filming, it is important to adjust and check the toupee regularly. This prevents the toupee from coming loose or shifting.

Tip: Schedule regular breaks to adjust the toupee and ensure it fits perfectly, especially after physically demanding scenes.

3. Care and styling

Toupees require just as much care as real hair. Regular cleaning and proper styling will help keep the toupee looking natural and well-groomed.

Tip: Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for toupees. A leave-in conditioner can help keep hair soft and shiny. Have the toupee styled regularly by a professional.

4. Heat protection

Action actors often use heat protection products to protect their toupees from damage caused by styling tools. Heat protection sprays are particularly helpful.

Tip: Always apply a heat protection spray before using a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron to protect the hair and extend the life of the toupee.

5. Discretion and naturalness

A toupee should look as natural as possible and blend seamlessly into your own hair. Make sure that the toupee matches perfectly in terms of color and structure.

Tip: Choose a toupee that matches your natural hair color and texture. Professional adjustments and proper styling can help you wear the toupee discreetly.

6. Additional attachment for action scenes

In particularly intense action scenes, additional fastening devices such as adhesive strips can be used to keep the toupee secure.

Tip: Use special adhesive strips or additional clips to secure the toupee if necessary. These measures provide extra support and security during filming.

7. Using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an essential product on film sets to maintain the freshness of hair extensions and toupees between washes and to add volume.

Tip: Apply the dry shampoo in the evening and leave it overnight. In the morning, simply brush it out and the toupee will look fresh and voluminous.

8. Protection while sleeping

To protect the toupee while sleeping, many actors use silk pillowcases or wear a silk bonnet. This minimizes friction and tangling.

Tip: Sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear a silk bonnet to protect the toupee during the night and make it easier to untangle in the morning.


These tips and tricks from experienced action actors will help you wear your toupee confidently and stylishly, even in the most demanding situations. With the right care and technique, you can ensure your toupee always fits perfectly and looks natural.

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