Wie Sarah durch Paris Hair nicht nur ihre perfekte Farbe fand, sondern auch erfolgreiche Partnerin wurde

How Sarah not only found her perfect colour through Paris Hair, but also became a successful partner

The challenge

Sarah from Essen is 28 years old and loved changing her look and trying new hair colors. However, when she ordered a new color from another supplier, the result was disappointing. The color did not match her skin tone at all and left her unsatisfied. The worst part was that the exchange process was complicated and lengthy. After several frustrating attempts to solve the problem, Sarah heard about Paris Hair and decided to give it a try.

The solution

Sarah ordered from Paris Hair and was immediately impressed by the ease of use of the website and the variety of colors offered. She chose a new hair color but was nervous that she might be disappointed again. When the package arrived and she checked the color, she realized it wasn't an ideal match for her. But unlike other sellers, Paris Hair offered a hassle-free return and exchange process.

The exchange process

Sarah contacted Paris Hair's customer service and was surprised by how friendly and helpful they were. She was able to return the unopened goods with no problem and was quickly given a credit to choose a new color. The entire process was easy and efficient, without the usual hurdles she'd experienced with other suppliers.

Quote from Sarah: "I was so relieved that the exchange at Paris Hair went so smoothly. It was the first time that I had no problems and received the right color quickly."

The decision to become a partner

Impressed by the quality of the products and the excellent customer service, Sarah decided to learn more about the possibilities of becoming a Paris Hair partner. She attended a training course and was excited about the opportunities that were available.

Quote from Sarah: "I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of Paris Hair. The products are fantastic and the support is unbeatable."

Success as a Paris Hair Partner

Sarah started selling Paris Hair products to her friends and acquaintances. Thanks to the training and support from Paris Hair, she was able to quickly build a successful business. She works from home and now has a stable income that allows her to be financially independent.

Quote from Sarah: "Thanks to Paris Hair, I can work from home and have built a business that not only brings joy to me, but also to my clients. It's a win-win situation."


Sarah's story shows how great customer service and quality products can earn customers' trust and satisfaction. With easy returns and exchanges, she was able to quickly find the right color and became a successful Paris Hair partner. Her success is proof that Paris Hair not only offers great products, but also a supportive network for its partners.

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